Ph: +64-(0)9-379-3065
Fax: +64-(0)9-448-1313
Suite E, Building D, 42 Tawa Dr. Albany,
P.O.Box 301-586 Auckland, New Zealand

Company Name : Aquafi Communications Ltd
Established : 26 / Aug / 2002
Managing Director : Alan Nixon
Main Bank : ASB Bank
Address : Suite E, Building D, 42 Tawa Dr., Albany, Auckland, New Zealand
Postal Address : P.O BOX 301-586, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone : +64-9-379-3065
Fax : +64-9-448-1313
E-mail : info [atmark]
Service, mission statement : To provide convenient, cost competitive and high quality communication solutions for today's sophisticated international travellers.
Partners : Telecom (NZ) Ltd
Vodafone (NZ) Ltd
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